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- Juan Carlos Calderon, La Paz, Bolivia

A luminous translucent cylinder housing elevators and stairs is reflected on a plain, mirrored facade turning it into a twin- shaft memorial, a symbol of the towers, a homage, half reality, half illusion to the people who died in the tragedy. At the bottom of the cylinder two gyrating lighted bands carry the names of the victims, one of them written backwards so it can be read on the reflection. The mirror facade is repeated on the opposite side to keep the visual effect visible from different angles, and in silhouette, the two cylinders remain as the twin towers symbol.

At night, and with the building darkened, the shafts of light become New York's latest landmark. Color lightings from within can be used for special occasions. This idea takes into consideration the economic realities of a very expensive piece of real estate, by building a very simple tower that beyond its financial rewards becomes an echoed to a reverent memorial.

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