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On Top of the World
December 1975: The Observation Deck opens to the public. In less than a year, it is visited by one million people.

1976: The Windows on the World restaurant, designed by Warren Platner, opens and becomes one of the highest-grossing restaurants in the world.

December 1976: The Jeff Bridges-Jessica Lange remake of King Kong is released. In this version, the ape scurries up one of the Twin Towers rather than the Empire State Building. The movie poster depicts Kong standing atop the Trade Center with one foot on each tower.

May 1977: Toy maker George Willig climbs up the side of one of the towers. Authorities are waiting at the top and arrest him when he finishes the climb, which takes more than three hours. The ascent is broadcast on newscasts worldwide.


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Photo: Marvin Newman/Woodfin Camp & Associates