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Monetizing the Celebrity Meltdown


Over dinner, there’s much talk about surfing and fitness and protein-smoothie recipes. Hamilton is famous for his grueling, inventive regimens. Last week, he worked out Barrack and Lowe in the Neverland pool, having them hold twenty-pound dumbbells, sink to the bottom of the thirteen-foot-deep end, squat, explode upward to the surface, gasp for air, and repeat. Tomorrow, he and Barrack will run on the beach, pulling railroad ties behind them.

Hamilton recommends a book he’s reading, Deep Survival; parenting and other wisdom is exchanged. “The man with the sickle doesn’t discriminate,” Hamilton says.

Does Hamilton ever ask Barrack for advice?

“The beautiful thing about Laird and Gabby is our relationship started out agendaless, and we’re both really careful trying to keep it that way,” Barrack says. “And they’re really good on the financial things. They don’t need my financial help.”

“Okay, now he’s going too far,” says Reece, who at least for now is not in any evident distress. “If we had something really serious, we’d feel like we could go there.”

The original version of this article stated that Jackson had not released an album in 13 years. He released Invincible in 2001. It also should have been stated that the agreement he made with the Prince of Bahrain was for a two-album recording contract, a stage show, and an autobiography, not catalogue rights.


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