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And the Sopranos Lived ____ Ever After


Revenge of the Italian Mother
By Lisa Scottoline
I’m an Italian mother, and that’s why I can channel Carmela Soprano. She’s had it up to here with Tony. His running around, letting his Russian whores call the house. He jerked her around on the money, support for his own children, mind you. He waltzes in like he still lives there, then takes the DVD player for spite. Carmela gave him so many chances. She even tried counseling, and all the while he screwed around. For a man who talks loyalty all the time, Tony has none.

And what will happen is that one day, Tony will goof up with A.J., and it will end tragically for their son. Either A.J. will get caught in crossfire meant for Tony, or Tony will look the other way when A.J. gets high, one last time. It will be the final time. The bottom line is that A.J. will turn up dead because of Tony, and then Carmela will be left with no choice. The boys at the Bada Bing will say she did it for revenge, but any Italian mother will know better. It’s justice that Carmela wanted.

So in the end, she’ll shoot Tony.

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