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And the Sopranos Lived ____ Ever After


Ba-da Bang!
By David Benioff
We haven’t really seen Christopher dealing with the murder of Adriana. Obviously, these guys aren’t going to post-traumatic-stress supervisors, but something’s got to come of that. This is the woman he loved, and he came pretty close to running away with her, which was one of my favorite moments in the series. I don’t think Christopher’s the kind of guy who’s going to blame himself entirely. He’s going to look for someone else, and Tony’s the obvious candidate, in part because Tony’s the one who led him into this world. So rather than take on the burden of ratting out the love of your life and basically having her killed, I think, Christopher’s going to try to kill Tony. It’s a classic themeósuch an Oedipal drama of the powerful father figure and the angry son. But Tony just has fewer weaknesses than Christopher. Whatever internal issues he’s got, he always finds a way to survive. He is always able to see a couple of moves ahead of his adversaries. I’m not seeing him getting deceived by one of his underlings. But if Tony does go down, Christopher is the one who shoots him.

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