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Dirty Old Women


When Jason’s family was ready to relocate to Jacksonville, he still had a few months of school remaining. It was decided that Jason would finish off the year living at DeMartini-Scully’s house on Donna Drive. “We would go to Blockbuster and rent movies, and when we watched them, she would put her hand on my lap,” Jason says. “I didn’t think much of it at the time.”

One night, when DeMartini-Scully’s daughter, with whom Jason was still involved, was at a friend’s house, and after DeMartini-Scully’s son had gone to sleep, she asked Jason if he wanted to watch television with her in her bed. “Then she kissed me.”

That night, Jason and DeMartini-Scully “basically did everything.” He remembers the experience as “okay . . . I wouldn’t say it was upsetting. I wouldn’t say I didn’t want to, but . . . I figured she was letting me stay at her house, I’d just do what she wanted.”

This was not an isolated incident. For the next three and a half months, Jason estimates, the two continued having sex at the house and in her car. “Nobody suspected anything,” he says. “And I didn’t want nobody to know because I was messing around with her daughter. I found it funny that Diane was letting me stay at her house when she knew about that, but I never asked her why: I figured she was doing it because she wanted something.”

“Sometimes, the woman is not much older psychologically than the boy is in her developmental stage,” says one psychologist. “So she’s having sex with a 14-year-old, and in her head, she’s 14, too. She’s getting the attention she never got.”

I ask Jason what he wanted: whether he was having sex with DeMartini-Scully because he enjoyed it or because he felt obliged to. “When I wasn’t drunk, I felt pressured to, but when I was drunk, I wanted to . . . you know what I mean?” He claimed he got alcohol, and sometimes pot, from DeMartini-Scully.

When summer came, DeMartini-Scully took her son and daughter and Jason down to Florida, where they met up with Jason’s family for a vacation en route to Jacksonville. What was supposed to be a quick stop to see Jason’s family’s new house became an extended stay when DeMartini-Scully was injured in an accident. “She hurt her leg pretty bad when I was teaching her how to ride the dirt bike,” Jason says. “You could see her bone and shit.” She stayed in North Carolina for a month.

When she finally left, Jason’s mother was glad to be rid of DeMartini-Scully. She had become suspicious when she found out that Jason and DeMartini-Scully had been in a room with the door locked. But on Columbus Day weekend, unbeknownst to Jason’s mother, DeMartini-Scully returned to a hotel in Jacksonville to visit Jason. “So I want to know, what’s so special about me?” Jason says. I ask him what he thinks. He laughs. “I’m not gonna say.”

He spent three days at the hotel. His mother found out about the visit, and “that’s when all the drama started.” She contacted the police, who charged DeMartini-Scully with kidnapping and providing marijuana to a minor but not with sexual assault, because Jason had, at this point, already turned 16 and passed the legal age of consent in North Carolina. She was subsequently charged with third-degree rape and performing a criminal sexual act in Suffolk County, where the age of consent is 17.

Jason stayed in school for just three weeks in Jacksonville before he dropped out. He says he will join the Marines after he gets his GED, “but just for the money.” He doesn’t miss DeMartini-Scully, he says, who by the end was suggesting she wanted to marry him. But he also says he doesn’t feel raped. “I just, I don’t know, I feel weird. She was 30 years older than me, so I feel a little bit taken advantage of. If I was a girl, I probably wouldn’t talk to you about it, but a female can’t really rape a guy, you know?”

Jason says he would not have given a statement to the Long Island police incriminating DeMartini-Scully if he hadn’t been under pressure. “They said if I didn’t they were gonna press charges on me because I was with Diane’s daughter,” who is only 14, and now Jason is 17, thus making him guilty of “sexual misconduct” himself. As of his last birthday, Jason’s relationships switched status in the eyes of the law: Sex with the then-44-year-old school psychologist who had been after him since he was 16 became okay; sex with her teenage daughter became a crime.

(“It is a strange law,” says Harned. “I didn’t write them, I just enforce them.” Harned says that it is still likely that the Southold Police Department will press charges against Jason for his relationship with the daughter and that Jason was not pushed into giving a statement about the mother.)


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