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The Mind of the Married Man


CJC: And M.C. Scat Cat.

Are you glad you got married?

K: I did it twice, it didn’t work out twice, but I love my ex-wives and I would marry them again if I did it over. No regrets. I believe in it.

DW: I got lucky.

B: It is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Come on, one sour grape, just one!

P: Well, I have to go back to my first point, which is that I really don’t feel that I am married. It feels so natural that it’s not a question of, was it a good decision or a bad decision? This is a little gooey all around—I don’t want to sound cynical, but maybe check back in fifteen years.

JC: I got together with a bunch of college buddies about two years ago, and a lot of them are just very dissatisfied with their marital arrangements. More than one of them said that their sex life has spiraled into mutual masturbation and that the two of them go off and do their own thing. So as luck would have it, I think you’ve assembled seven guys who are all pretty happy with their lot. And an inordinate amount of balding guys, too, I might add. [Laughs]

P: Maybe there’s a connection.


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