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Building the Next Dalton

Crib Sheet
Starting a private school, by the numbers.

Claremont School, 110 students: $7 million

Harlem Academy, 44 students: $700,000
Tuition: $500$12,000

IDEAL School, 17 students: $1.5 million
Tuition: $25,560

Harlem Academy’s 3,000-square-foot space on 111th Street and Fifth Avenue: $40,000/year

Bottom three floors of a residential building in Chelsea zoned for a school, listed by Anita Grossberg at Corcoran: $5 million

For 44 children in 3,000 square feet at Harlem Academy: $10,000

For 108 children in 125,000 square feet at Claremont: $60,000

Harlem Academy’s renovation bill (including $50,000 for new HVAC and $20,000 for two toilets built for children): $180,000

Claremont School’s renovation bill: $25 million

Cost of building a pool in Claremont’s basement: $800,000

Cost of building a typical kitchen and cafeteria for 500 kids: $250,000

Service contract for a daily cleaning of Manhattan Country School’s 15,000- square-foot building: $45,000

Teacher’s assistant: $30,000

Entry-level teacher with master’s degree: $45,000

Head teacher with private-school experience: $95,000

Fund-raiser: $75,000$90,000

Gym teacher: $60,000

Top-echelon head of school: $400,000

Salary of an entry-level cleaning/maintenance/security person: $35,000

45 hours of training per teacher, plus ongoing support via e-mail from Schools Attuned (used by schools like Trinity, Friends, and Fieldston): $1,500

A week of professional-development training for staff at ideal: $1,000

Schoolwide wireless computer network, software and hardware, including laptops for 100 students: $1 million

75-inch erasable whiteboard: $500

77-inch interactive Smart Board with projector and computer: $5,000

A year’s worth of top-quality art supplies at Claremont: $65,000

A year’s worth of classroom supplies, per classroom: $15,000

9,000-book library with computerized filing system: $500,000

2,000-book library with computerized filing system: $20,000

Yearly subscription to InfoCentre Library Management software: $500

New science lab including heat-generating equipment, chemical-disposal devices, microscopes, and twenty stations for students: $30,000

Wood shop with table saws, sanders, and hand tools: $25,000

A year of lunches for 195 students at Manhattan Country School:$200,000

Average school-bus rental for a field trip, including driver: $650

Approximate cost of ten field trips for 45 students to various museums and zoos: $8,800

A year’s worth of snacks for 44 students at Harlem Academy (students bring their own lunch): $5,000

Additional reporting by Ariel Brewster.