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Could Union Square Be Your Next Airport?


The New, Improved JFK

1. More runways!
The current JFK covers 4,930 acres and has four runways. This plan would put eight in the same amount of space. More runways equals fewer delays.

2. Easier connections!
Coming from Miami to La Guardia, then leaving for Tokyo from JFK? No more sitting in traffic on the Van Wyck while your cab fare and chances of making the connection move in opposite directions.

3. A greener airport!
This massive “energy blanket” would shelter planes from rain and snow, provide solar power, and reduce the airfield’s contribution to summertime urban heat effect.

4. The end of fast-food ripoffs at the gate.
Flight pushed back? Status boards at each shuttle hub let you wait out the delay at local restaurants and coffee shops, instead of their overpriced airport equivalents.


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