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Greener Postures


Illustration by Kagan McLeod  

Here’s a slam dunk: a miniwasher that uses elbow grease instead of electricity to clean your clothes.
I can’t really be objective about this one.
Why not?
Because I’ve actually used this machine. And it made me want to slam-dunk the inventor’s head in the nearest pond.
But it takes only one or two minutes to do a load!
Sure, if you only count the time it takes to turn the crank—not the time it takes to measure the water, fill the gizmo, fuss with the cap, crank it, tip the sudsy water out, add more water, and repeat until the water runs clear.
But it uses less water and less detergent!
Only because it’s doing an itty-bitty load.
But it uses no electricity!
Neither does hand-washing in the sink. Besides, I can save more electricity by changing two of my light bulbs to compact fluorescents.
That reminds me: How many environmentalists does it take…
Skip it.

VERDICT: Washout.


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