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Greener Postures


Illustration by Kagan McLeod  

Wouldn’t you like to carry around your own renewable energy source?
Sure, should I carry a windmill?
I was thinking of something less quixotic: a laptop bag with solar panels.
You mean I can recharge my laptop on the go?
Actually, this is more for iPods, cell phones, BlackBerries, stuff like that. It only takes one or two hours to charge those.
Let’s play a game. You tell me who could possibly have a use for this product, and I’ll tell you why they don’t.
Busy city people—
Can charge their gadgets at night.
Can charge in the car, train, or plane.
this isn’t a backpack.
No, but the company makes solar backpacks, too. And a solar beach bag. How about bicycle messengers who are outdoors and use their cell phones all day?
All right, though they won’t like hefting the extra 2.5 pounds, not counting the adapter.

VERDICT: By all means, buy it. And while you’re out, can you run this envelope to 53rd and Lex?


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