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{Figs. 12-25}

3,378 Years of the “It” Face

A high, regal forehead, small features, and fine jawline.
Venus de Milo
A face like a balanced equation, with no part dominating the others.
Botticelli’s Venus
A pronounced oval with a longer, less sharply defined nose.
Madame X
A jutting chin and tip-tilted nose skew her otherwise classic proportions.
Louise Brooks
An early example of waifdom: plump cheeks and a full, pouting lower lip.
Grace Kelly
The original nose that launched a thousand ski-jump rhinoplasties.
Audrey Hepburn
A triangular face with compressed features; her large, wide-set eyes are almost halfway down her face.
Brigitte Bardot
A squarish chin offsets her plush lips and button nose.
An oval face, with wide-set eyes, a long nose, and that childishly plump lower lip.
Cheryl Tiegs
The trapezoidal face: high cheekbones over a square jaw, with narrow eyes and a broad mouth.
Christy Turlington
A long oval divided almost perfectly in thirds: forehead to wide-set eyes and high cheekbones to full, wide lips.
Kate Moss
A square-triangle combo with unnervingly wide-set eyes; the slightly squashed nose and plush mouth counter the pointy chin.
Liya Kebede
Another long oval, but with a prominent, high forehead and bow mouth.
Angelina Jolie
High cheekbones and cushiony lips, a long, sharply angled jawline, and deep-set eyes.

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