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James Ray Defends Himself

What does the phrase “died in transition” mean?
No, what I said was, “died and/or transitioned.” They’re two different terms for the same thing.

Some people who have known you for a long time say that, especially over the course of the last year, your ego has grown stronger, and they suggest you may have become intoxicated by your own power. Do you think there is anything to that criticism?
Well, I think we all struggle with our own ego identity, and certainly that’s me included. To say that I haven’t been tempted by, you know, my own press, if you will, would be crazy. I mean, I think a part of my path and all of our paths is to constantly look at ourselves. The word ego is a Latin word that means identity, or I. Everyone has an ego. You can’t function in the world without an identity.

Has your ego been adjusted by this experience?
It’s certainly been, as I said earlier, devastating for every single person that is involved. And shocking for the families and for everyone who’s been impacted like this. And so any kind of significant emotional event of this magnitude has to have an impact.

Do you think in some divinely or cosmically ordained way this was the victims’ time to die?
I don’t think I’m qualified to answer that. I think that’s something that everyone would have to come to their own conclusions about.

You had entered the first rank of leaders in the self-help movement, and I’m curious to know how the people who helped you get to that place have responded to this event.
I think you’d have to take it … people are people. Some I’m closer with, some I’m not as close with. Some have been more verbally supportive. Some have not. It’s really kind of a mixed bag.

Do you think the accident in Sedona should be a factor for people deciding whether to follow your teachings and practices?
I’m not really putting energies and attention on my teaching and my future business or anything of that nature right now. I just don’t think that’s important.

What justifies the pricing of your events?
Well, I think the pricing is determined by the value that people perceive they receive.

With the purchase of your $4 million Beverly Hills mansion last March, do you think you were overly concerned with money this last year?
No, absolutely not. I have—or should say, had—a very capital-intensive model, and anyone who was at one of my events would realize that they’re extremely expensive to produce.

And how are you doing financially, now?
Well again, that’s not what I want to focus on at this particular time. What I’d like to focus on is bringing closure to this tragic accident.