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Rachel Uchitel Is Not a Madam


Rachel Uchitel had to quit nightlife because of the fallout from the Woods scandal. In nightclubs, she has become the very embodiment of what happens when you break the code of quiet. In VIP concierge parlance, she is less an alleged mistress than a cautionary tale: Don’t pull a Rachel Uchitel. Friends have betrayed her, for money or for the thrill of being close to the muck. “None of those people know me,” she says. “They just want to pretend they know what the fuck they’re talking about.”

But she admits that the fame she has acquired can be parlayed. She has been offered partial ownership in a club on the East Coast, as well as numerous other gigs. “A couple of days ago, I got invited to the Masters to host a radio show, which obviously I said no to,” she says, “but it sounded cool. They offered me a house with a private chef.”

At celebrity blogger Perez Hilton’s birthday party, Rachel Uchitel walked the red carpet. “It was pandemonium,” she says, laughing. She wore an off-the-shoulder black dress and Prada snakeskin heels. People were screaming her name, cameras were trying to get her attention this time by saying how beautiful she was. “I was like a deer in headlights, but then I totally got into it and I started posing.” Katy Perry rode in on an elephant, and hot-pantsed men were dancing. Uchitel spoke to Hilton, who had written nasty things about her. “I realized he was doing his job, and it was his job to say scandalous things. So when we saw each other, it was like ‘Oh my God, hi!’ We didn’t even discuss it.”

Uchitel is reaching the point at which the scandal evaporates and all that is left is the camera and the interest and a condensed feeling of fame. “Nobody asked me about him,” she says. “It was great.”

Many of Woods’s alleged mistresses have tried to cash in on their notoriety in one way or another. Though perhaps it is not so much cashing in as it is figuring out a way to move forward after you’ve become famous for something that isn’t what you thought you’d become famous for.

But there is one other person who sees awesome opportunity in the world that Tiger Woods exposed. Jason Itzler, the former founder of high-profile escort agency New York Confidential and inventor of the so-called girlfriend experience (GFE), thinks there is an untapped potential in the half-hooking that goes on in nightclubs.

“That’s where trends in prostitution are headed,” he says. “Guys go crazy for the GFE shit.” He’s envisioning bottle waitresses becoming close with the clients the way they do now. But instead of doing what the bottle girls do sporadically and for an unspecific payback, Itzler’s girls would have sex (or perhaps just president-and-intern sex) and get paid. Full hookers, but in a social environment, with less stigma attached.

“VIP areas in clubs expose the most disposable income in the country,” Itzler says. “The potential for making money is through the roof.” He laughs and begins considering partners, locations, and outfits.

“I would call it,” he says dreamily, “the Tiger Club.”


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