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The Columbia Kid


A source close to David says he has spent a lot of time thinking about the friend who connected him to John and Miron Sarzynski. Maybe the friend was a patsy—maybe he was betrayed. During our visit, David told me he was upset about being in prison—not scared straight like Sarzynski, exactly, but his eyes were more open now. Some of the guys in prison seemed innocent to him. It made him think more about the system and how it’s designed to bring some people down. One inmate heard David’s life story and told him he thought it would make a great book. All his adventures. Why did David do it? “Why do you think I have to do this shit?” he told police when they picked him up. “My dad won’t pay tuition.” (His father has subsequently said he has contributed “since day one.”)

While he was in jail, David spent a lot of time playing a card game with the other inmates called cutthroat. “It’s a fun game,” he told me. “The loser does twenty or 50 push-ups or whatever. So I’ve been doing push-ups all day.” He pulled up his uniform and flexed his right bicep. One day, he said, he’d like to teach cutthroat to his fraternity brothers.

Additional reporting by Kirk ­Carapezza and Elien Becque.


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