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He & He & He


Benny slips into the vest, which makes him look like a circus monkey, and places a bid of $20.

An e-mail from Benny arrives one afternoon. “Hi Molly, it was a pleasure to have you! We’ll be filming an orgy scene here at the office on Friday, so you’re more than welcome to attend.” The e-mail includes a login (user name: molly; password: unicornrainbows) in case I want to familiarize myself with the material.

The orgy is scheduled for 2 p.m. When I arrive at CockyBoys, somebody’s office has been cleared of work materials and stocked with a leather sofa, lighting equipment, and six nude models. The models sit quietly on the sofa, stroking, and we introduce ourselves but do not shake hands. The director of the shoot, Ray Dragon, parks me in a corner of the room where I can sit cross-legged without appearing in frame. Benny pops in to say hello and then vanishes into his office. Filming begins.

The scene starts with Tommy Defendi leading Marc Dylan, who is wearing a leather mask, down a hallway and into the main room. Marc, the star of the scene, is a sweet Mississippian who has tanning-boothed himself to the color of a hot dog. “Sit,” Tommy orders. Marc sits. “Don’t take off the fucking mask.”

Dragon and a photographer slide around in socks to avoid making noise, their cameras trained on the scene. The other four models watch as Tommy unbuttons Marc’s vest.

“Talk,” Dragon directs.

Marc bleats.

The cheerful formality, the moving parts, and the sock feet make it feel like a game of Twister.

“Bring some dick into this,” Dragon says.

For the next scene, the group divides into pairs and Tommy performs oral sex on Kennedy Carter, who has mastered a porn convention that we might call the “sex-aficionado face.” Kennedy stares down at the action around his crotch with a kind of evaluative grimace—brow furrowed, lip curled. This expression is one thing that gay and straight porn have in common.

“Okay,” Dragon says. “Let’s do magic pants.”

Marc takes off his pants during a pause in filming. Magic pants, Dragon explains, is “when the pants come off in a scene but the shoes magically stay on.” Another porn convention.

Marc returns nude, wearing boots. “Everyone ready?” Dragon asks. “Phenix, you hard?” Phenix Saint is hard. Roll camera.

At 3:15 the models take a break to text and snack on rainbow Twizzlers. Then it’s time for the gang bang. I go back to my corner and sit, relaxing into the categorical uselessness of my presence. A half-hour later, Benny emerges from his office to give me a questioning “You okay?” ­gesture. Then he disappears again, ­returning to his quilts and lists and code. Jason and Adrian, meanwhile, are planning a dinner to celebrate the shoot. ­Benny will join them soon.


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