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The Black Orthodox


Zehava Bracha Arky & Baruch Arky
Zehava: I obviously look different from a lot of people in our community. Before I got married, when people would try to set me up, they would often set me up with another Jew of color, without considering if we might have anything else in common.
Baruch: I don’t think that people relate to us as an interracial couple. We’re both Jewish, and that seems to speak louder than color.
Zehava: My father was raised Muslim, and my mother was raised Christian. A friend suggested I go to Chabad, so I went for Shabbes dinner and then to shul. I didn’t know exactly what was going on, but it was so interesting and deep. I realized that all the spiritual ideas I already had, which I had thought were just my own, were also a part of Judaism.


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