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9/11 Was an Inside Job


A A straight-to-YouTube DIY voiceover documentary that grew out of research for a 9/11 action movie by an 18-year old Red Lobster waiter, Loose Change was a masterpiece of internet-era conspiracy-theory storytelling—raising a series of doubts about the official history by corralling more technical information than any media had used in describing the attacks into a propulsive, and persuasive-seeming “And another thing!” rhythm. And giving an immediate skeleton structure towhat became the 9/11 Truth movement, inchoate before. An anatomy of Dylan Avery’s major themes.

• Only three steel skyscrapers have ever collapsed from structural damage caused by fire: the Twin Towers and WTC building 7. All three buildings fell neatly into their own footprints, at speeds approaching free-fall, as would happen in a controlled demolition; plumes of smoke can be seen at intervals 20 stories below the debris cloud as the towers fell, anddust collected at the scene and independently tested turned up evidence of explosives.

• The plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon — on the one side of the building that had been recently reinforced, and was evacuated that day — was much bigger than the hole it created, and left behind no visible wreckage or footage.

• The plane said to have crashed in Shanksville, Pennsvylania completely disintegrated on impact—unprecedented for a jet crash.


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