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The CIA Can Do Mind Control

MK Ultra / College campuses, for starters / 1953-1973


Illustration by Max-o-matic  

Literally the stuff of nightmares, MK Ultra is the code name for an early–Cold War CIA program during which unsuspecting Americans were given large doses of powerful hallucinogenic drugs like LSD. There is no doubt that the experiments, referred to as “Behavior Modification,” took place on dozens of university campuses, though the full extent of the project will never be known, since then–CIA head Richard Helms ordered the destruction of the bulk of the files in 1973. The dark side of MK Ultra was inspired by the supposed arrival of Nazi Party “mind scientists,” formerly charged with the spread of Hitlerian Weltenshunkreig, or world mental warfare, who were said to conduct secret programs like Operation Midnight Climax, which relied on CIA-funded prostitutes to dose unsuspecting johns with psychedelics as company men watched from behind one-way mirrors. While both Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski and Whitey Bulger were both MK Ultra subjects, “conspiracy” writers tend to concentrate on the mind-control aspects of the program that supposedly help build assassination-machine actors like Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan.

And They’ve Shared the Technology with Hollywood
Roseanne Barr is the most famous of a sizable group of believers who see celebrity meltdowns as the horrible by-product of something called Monarch.


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