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A Global Government Is Waiting Under the Denver Airport


The Denver International Airport opened to the public on February 28, 1995, about sixteen months behind schedule and at a cost of $4.8 billion—nearly $2 billion over budget. It sits on 35,000 acres, which is nearly twice the size of the next largest airport in America. Surely something macabre must be hidden in those billions of extra dollars; its city-scaled expanse; all those mysterious, unmarked buildings and extra hangars? And what about its swastika-shaped runways?

Since it opened, the airport has invited a range of theories: It sits atop a vast, underground network of New World Order command bunkers or post-apocalyptic fallout shelters for the global elite; it is a FEMA concentration camp masquerading as a transit hub; it is a Satanic cathedral. You certainly don’t need an active imagination to note some of the airport designers’ unusual flourishes. There’s the 32-foot, 9,000-pound blue “devil horse” sculpture out front, and a series of bright, disarmingly violent murals by a local artist depict apocalyptic biowarfare and the borderless, one-world government that will triumph. Mysterious Templar markings are spotted throughout the terminals. There’s a sculpture of a devil popping out of a suitcase. The airport’s dedication stone features the Masonic Square and Compasses insignia and names the main funder of the project not as the City of Denver or the State of Colorado but the “New World Airport Commission.” Of course, no such organization seems to exist—that we know of, anyway. Perhaps the truth will reveal itself in 2094, when a time capsule beneath the stone will finally be opened.

There are reasonable explanations for all these strange things you can see on your layover, but the most chilling theories always presume that the all-powerful villain taunts us by hiding his horrible truths in plain sight. A whistle-blowing construction worker alleged that the project was delayed because at least five multistory buildings were completed and then mysteriously “buried” underneath the airport. (He and others also testified to the existence of a complex network of underground tunnels.) And in 2007, the windshields of thirteen planes cracked while at Denver Airport—an unprecedented number that couldn’t be explained by the weather or off-course birds. Was this evidence of a nearby testing facility or electromagnetic-weapons lab? And where do you think President Barack Obama waited out the Comet Elenin when it neared (and narrowly missed) Earth in 2011? Denver.


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