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Time Travel Is Possible at the Tip of the South Fork

The Montauk Experiment / Eastern Long Island / 1943–1980


Illustration by Max-o-matic  

Camp Hero, in Montauk, is the East Coast’s Area 51: older, not as sprawling, a little bit stuffier. Now decommissioned, it was a vast underground warren of laboratories staffed by scientists from Brookhaven Labs, a little farther west, and devoted to teleportation (an off-label application of Albert Einstein’s unified theory, supervised at the start by Einstein himself), time travel, and mind control (Camp Hero’s radar frequency was said to be perfect for such experiments). Its existence was revealed by a man named Al Bielek, who came forward in the late eighties with recovered memories of working as a scientist on the infamous Philadelphia Experiment, a forerunner to the Montauk Project, where an entire Navy ship was teleported, with dire consequences for some of the crew. While working at Camp Hero, Bielek lived some of the time in Los Angeles—and commuted to the East Coast, he says, by time tunnel.

It's Not Far From the Government’s Grotesque Animal-Hybridization Factory
That’s Plum Island, a bio-­research facility whose Building 257 also gave us Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and duck enteritis, at least according to author Michael Carroll.


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