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The Criminal Record

Once again, it was a down year for crime in New York. But that doesn't mean we're some sort of post-crime Utopia just quite yet. A look at what kind of crime persists and why, a thought experiment on how we could make murder disappear completely, the emergence of crime porn, and more.


The Killing of the Murder Rate
As the homicide rate continues to drop, the impossible beckons: What would it take to go all the way to zero?
Where Murder Won't Go Quietly
A new kind of gang is making northeast Brooklyn the deadliest place in the city.
The Bleeding Edge
One man's search for an authentic, old-school New York experience, and how it found him.
Criminal Porn (With Simulated Action)
What happens when rising demand for real crime video collides with plummeting crime rates? The media prank Criminals Gone Wild.
What a Safer City Really Looks Like
A look at crime rates in each precinct—and a small sampling of the cases that make them up.


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