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A Badass in Shower Sandals

Six ways Zuckerberg unleashes his alpha geek.


1. Kills animals
Declared to the world last year that he would only eat meat if it came from beasts he had slaughtered personally. Won mano a mano battles with chickens, pigs, goats (he slit their throats), and even a bison (he displays the head in FB HQ).

2. Rides animals
Mounted a buffalo in Vietnam and traveled by donkey through Morocco.

3. Pulls pranks
Zuckerberg “iced” underling Blake Ross, sticking a bottle of Smirnoff Ice inside a birthday cake and then, as the meme mandated, making Ross chug the putrid malt beverage on one knee.

4. Pulls no punches
Asked whether he was going to tell the Winklevosses he was quitting their site to work on his own, Zuckerberg wrote to a friend: “yea i’m going to fuck them. probably in the year.” He corrected himself: “*ear.”

5. Rolls with muscle
Has a 24-hour security detail, including a bodyguard stationed outside his Palo Alto mansion.

6. Hangs out with muscle
Chills with Jet Li (or at least, he did once).


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