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Four Ads That You Might See Next Fall

Tom Godici and Greg Ketchum of ad giant BBDO write the scripts for a Romney-Obama race.


“Shooting Bricks,” :60 TV “Haters Gonna Hate,” :30 TV
“Parrot,” :30 TV “Pick a Winner,” :30 TV

Photo-illustrations by Jesse Lenz

Photos: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images (Obama, "Shooting Bricks," frame 1); Mark Wilson/Getty Images (Obama, "Shooting Bricks," frame 2); Martin H. Simon-Pool/Getty Images ("Shooting Bricks," frame 4); Compassionate Eye Foundation/Steve Coleman/OJO Images Ltd ("Shooting Bricks," backboards, basketball); Joe Raedle/Getty Images (Romney, “Haters Gonna Hate” frame 2); Win McNamee/Getty Images (Romney, “Haters Gonna Hate,” frame 3); Bjorn Larsson Rosvall/Scanpix/AFP/Getty Images (“Haters Gonna Hate” crowd, frame 2); Emile Wamsteker/BloomberG/Getty Images (“Haters Gonna Hate”crowd frame 4); Joe Raedle/Getty Images (Romney, “Haters Gonna Hate,” frame 4 and 5); Getty Images ("Pick a Winner"); Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images (Romney, "Pick a Winner")


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