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The State of Seduction


Fein: Then why isn’t he monogamous?

Leigh: Because we both like other women.

Hoinsky: Listen, if I wanted to sit here and listen to people slut-shame, I would read my in-box.

So, do you struggle with your own obsolescence? Are pickup artists and dating coaches talking to an empty room? What’s the future of seduction?

Hoinsky: People are still going to go out, they’re still going to go dancing, they’re still going to go to bars, they’re still going to see that cute guy or girl in the corner, and they’re still going to hook up. It’s not going anywhere.

Leigh: I think the newest frontier to seduction that has not been explored is I’ve had a lot of requests for gay, lesbian, bisexual, polyamorous, and pansexual seduction. I’m hugely in favor of this and I personally am bisexual, but I’m not the expert to write about it. Reid Mihalko from ReidAboutSex is one of the people leading that sphere. How do you take seduction out of just the hetero-normative sphere, where it’s absolutely necessary, but that’s not the only world that we exist in.

Lyons: I just want everybody from our community, which has come up from this whole Ken thing, to represent it accurately. Not everybody should be raised thinking that casual sex is bad.

Schneider: We’re not saying it’s bad. We’re saying it’s not effective. It just doesn’t work.

Hoinsky: What I’m hearing are that people are tired of games. That’s where we’re going. The techniques in The Game they are what they are. Right now it’s about being authentic and not lying.


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