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Spahtscastah Supahstahs

Sox fans exiled in Gotham grab the mike.


There are plenty of Red Sox fans in New York—there’s even a network of Sox bars, like the Riviera and Boston (212). But when the Sox play the Yanks, the commentary still comes from the wicked biased voices of YES. So last month the bartenders at Professor Thom’s in the East Village handed microphones to fans. Now there’s regular “Ka(y)reoke Play-By-Play Tuesdays” during Sox road games. Fifty people recently crammed in to watch the Sox take on the Minnesota Twins. We spoke to four commentators after their half-innings of glory (the wig and goofy Hawaiian shirt are optional).

JOHN QUINN, 44, writer
What do you write? I’m working on a book about being a Sox fan in New York.
Key insight during commentary: If [Sox pitcher] Jonathan Papelbon ran for governor of Massachusetts, he would probably win.

BEN SACKS, 21, NYU student
You nervous? No. I call games in my room by myself to practice.
What do you want to do after college? Being an announcer is my lifelong dream, my fantasy. Working for ESPN would be like winning the lottery.

JOHN HENDRICKSON, 34, “between careers”
What’s your take on the Fever Pitch movie? I liked it. Saw it opening night.
Key insight during commentary: Bunting on the turf? Always a risky proposition, because the turf has a lot of bounce.

RHONDA ZAPATKA, 33, fund-raiser for a nonprofit and writer
Key insight during commentary:Mike Dukakis and Mike Lowell have similar eyebrows. At home we call it the Lowell Connector.
So, what do you write? I just finished a memoir called Sox in the City.

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