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Frey’s Back Writing Catalog Copy

Catch his new stuff—it’s fiction for real this time!—at 57th Street art gallery.


James Frey is still finding ways to get published. He may have lost Oprah’s trust and his latest book deal, but a short story by the faux memoirist is printed in the catalogue for photographer Malerie Marder’s fall show, “Nine,” at Greenberg Van Doren gallery. Frey and Marder (who used to date Peter Sarsgaard) are friends. Perhaps tellingly, she takes pictures of friends, family, and significant others in staged poses. She has said, “My work fictionalizes my desires with family and friends … I’m interested in the part that isn’t lived, that is fantasized about.” Not unlike A Million Little Pieces! For those who don’t gallery-hop for their literature, Frey’s story is about a disaffected woman who encounters a man from her hometown, Albany, at “another party in L.A. full of clothes and jewelry and irony and desperation.”

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