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JFK’s Beauty Bin

The new contraband in the war on terror.


It’s been a long time since flying was glamorous, but now the post-beauty-products age is upon us. This bothers some people a lot. “My whole life is lotions and potions when I travel,” says Tracy Taylor, fashion director at Marie Claire, who’s “cringing” at the thought of embarking on European Fashion Week this year without her “no cooties” area spray, Dr. Gross facial mist, lavender essential oils, and cuticle oil. At the British Airways terminal at JFK last week, many travelers still hadn’t gotten the news. We took this photo of some of the tossed products: bronzers, mascaras, Barbie children’s toothpaste, Axe body spray, his and hers Bulgari colognes. The screeners suggest checking the TSA Website for the list of what you can’t bring; they’ve been printing out that same list themselves to know what to confiscate. “Everybody is bummed because it’s a really long flight and looking good is part of the industry,” says Jane beauty director Erin Flaherty. “You’re seeing all of your colleagues on the plane. I think everybody is going to have their most oversized sunglasses on. They should screen people in the airport better. It seems like such an ignorant solution. The terrorists got exactly what they wanted.”

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