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Why Kerik? Asks P.I. Friend of Pirro’s

Bo Dietl: I’m more qualified.


R udy Giuliani immediately canceled his fund-raiser for Jeanine Pirro, but not all of the would-be attorney general’s supporters (and there were many, as Pirro looked to be the great state-wide hope of the GOP this year) are abandoning her in light of the wiretapping scandal. Hard-nosed P.I. Richard “Bo” Dietl, a former NYPD detective and longtime friend of Pirro’s from her days as district attorney for Westchester County, said he completely understood her desire to keep tabs on her rascally husband, Al Pirro, who’s been imprisoned for tax fraud and has fathered an illegitimate child since they were married. But he’s skeptical that she’d really attempt to get Bernie Kerik to wiretap Al’s boat. “I’m her friend for ten, fifteen years, and I do that kind of matrimonial crap. Bernie didn’t do that kind of stuff. She knows she could call me, and I’d be very confidential with her. And she’s called me on other confidential matters, and I’d be the first one to say, ‘Ah, we’ll put a surveillance on it.’ ” Dietl had shelled out $2,500 for Pirro’s campaign at Tuesday’s fund-raising breakfast.

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