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前bserver’ Kid to Shrink the Pink?

Cheaper, girlier as a tabloid.


The gossipy broadsheet the New York Observer was always known as a sort of upmarket tabloid傭ut it might start looking like one, too. New owner Jared Kushner, 25, confirms that it’s being redesigned. 展e’re considering tabloid, and we’re considering Berliner [a format used by Le Monde and the Guardian], he says. The tab format, Kushner noted, is 殿n easier read. Plus 妬t appeals to a more feminine audience. Media consultant Greg Oehler says one 砥rban myth is that female readers prefer tabloids over broadsheets because, in general, they have shorter arms than men and are reluctant to extend their arms outward past their shoulders to read. That’s never been proved, he says, but the 田onsumer psychographic of tabloids is that they’re easier to carry and flip through預nd, of course, cheaper to print.

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