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Princely Sums Bug Sherman

Can’t disguise envy.


The art market is booming more for some than for others. “It’s insane!” Cindy Sherman said at the BAM Next Wave Gala, which she attended with friends Narciso Rodriguez and Claire Danes. “But I have to admit that I’m a little pissed it isn’t benefiting me as much as it is some people.” Some particular people? “Well, photographers that I think, based on my experience, shouldn’t be doing as well as they are. One of them is an ex-lover, so that’s particularly annoying. Okay, it’s Richard Prince. It’s just like a jab whenever I hear how much a piece of his has gone for. The whole reason we broke up in the eighties was because my career was taking off and his was going nowhere.” According to ArtNet, in 2005, Prince set an art-world record for an untitled photograph of a cowboy he’d taken in 1989, which went for $1.248 million. (Prince’s record was eclipsed this past February, when an Edward Steichen sold for $2.9 million.) But, fortunately for Sherman, it’s her stock that seems to be on the rise. Her highest sale to date was at Christie’s last month: a photograph of herself, naturally, in a medieval dress, for $665,600.

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