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Children of the Horn

A new city program aims to expand schoolkids’ social consciousness by decorating taxicabs.


Later this year, to commemorate a century of metered taxis in the city, many cabs will be covered in flower-printed decals. The project, called “Garden in Transit,” is the brainchild of Christo admirers Ed and Bernie Massey, whose nonprofit has covered a blimp and a 170-foot tower with the artwork of children. The decals will be painted by some 30,000 kids, in schools and hospitals throughout the city. “Never has the public been allowed to change the landscape of a city on this grand a scale,” declares Ed Massey. The flower cabs “are going to be everywhere,” says Taxi and Limousine commissioner Matthew Daus. Shortly before the holiday break, a painting session, which included workshops in which children named social issues they would like to transform, was held for fifth-graders at Staten Island’s P.S. 52.

Brianne Panebianco
Social Issue: The environment. “I think it is important to stop global warming. Too many animals in Antarctica are dying.”
Career Goal: “Saving Antarctica and its animals! I will also buy cars that do not use gas.”

Kevin Qosja
Social Issue: War and violence. “The black represents that there’s a dark road ahead, and the red stands for all of the gore.”
Career Goal: “Soldier or policeman to stop people’s evil ways. Or a negotiator, to stop fighting before it begins.”

Jason Milman
Social Issue: Sanitation. “I would change this problem because outside my house there is garbage everywhere. It’s not even from us, but my parents get the tickets and have to pay for it.”
Career Goal: SWAT-team member.

Kerrin Schnell
Social Issue: Animal rights.
Career Goal: “I want to go to Africa to feed all the little kids. I am going to bring back a baby monkey.”

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