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Found in Space. Bid on Moon Dust!

Upcoming auction lets you blast off without leaving city.


For fans of space exploration who missed out on last fall’s “40 Years of Star Trek” auction at Christie’s, on March 31, Swann Galleries will let you bid on the real thing. But instead of tricorders and prosthetic Vulcan ears, you can own any number of mission patches, press kits, “Modular Data” books, security badges, “Man on the Moon” trading cards (collect them all!), “in-flight sleep shorts,” a “signed Apollo 10 Snoopy Astronaut Doll,” and sundry medical certificates. There are several signed dollar bills for some reason. But for the geek with the wherewithal, there’s the four-by-six-inch silk flag from Buzz Aldrin’s private collection that traveled with him on Apollo 11 ($10,000 to $12,000 estimate) and a zipper-top bag owned by astronaut James Irwin that spent over 66 hours on the moon—twenty of them in the lunar vacuum, so it’s full of actual moon dust ($8,000 to $10,000)! There’s also a 1996 astronaut class portrait, signed by three people who died on the Columbia—and astro-stalker Lisa Nowak ($1,000 to $1,200). Space diaper not included.

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