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The NY1 stalwart investigates his tortured personal history.


Shortly after his mother’s death six years ago, journeyman political reporter and host of NY1’s Inside City Hall Dominic Carter did what journalists do: He requested the documents. Her 620-page medical report detailed to him the extent of her lifelong struggle with paranoid schizophrenia, which he hadn’t known about. Putting it all together, he decided to write a book, No Momma’s Boy, which he’s self-publishing in early May. He spoke to Mary Burke.

What was it like to read your mother’s records?
It was almost like I got hit with a double-barrel shotgun. I really had no idea. I was embarrassed when I saw in plain black and white that my mother tried to choke me to death and that she thought about throwing me out a window. That she sexually abused me. I had hid all of this stuff in the back of my mind, and I was only fooling myself.

You confronted her once, without knowing her history of mental illness. Were you upset she didn’t apologize?
I think she didn’t apologize because she was so embarrassed. I think she knew deep in her heart that it happened. What do you say to your child who’s now a grown man, a success, the first one in your family to go to college? What do you say? Maybe I shouldn’t have confronted her, but I had finally had it with my wife and mother-in-law trying to push a relationship. They didn’t understand. I think my wife almost didn’t believe me. It’s so disgusting, you know, I think my wife, she didn’t believe me.

Why did you self-publish?
I tried HarperCollins and I can’t remember the other one—and they said no.

What did they want?
Well, I don’t want to go into that, but there were suggestions of how to sensationalize it more, and I wasn’t really interested in that.

What do you think of Anderson Cooper’s reported $50 million five-year contract?
[Laughs] I wish him well, but I know I’m a better journalist.

You had a very contentious relationship with Mayor Giuliani. Do you think Rudy can make it to the White House?
Don’t ever underestimate Rudy Giuliani. Ever. Truth be told, I like him on a personal level. He’s got a set of balls, and so do I. Man to man, I can respect that and appreciate that.

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