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Writer’s Block for 船a Vinci’ Dan?

No conspiracy, says Howard.


Where’s Dan Brown’s follow-up to The Da Vinci Code? The further adventures of Robert Langdon were set to be published in 2006, then this year. Last month Brown wrote on his Website, 鼎urrently, there is no release date scheduled because the book is not yet near completion. At an Authors Guild benefit last week, John Grisham, who swaps letters with Brown, said, 的 don’t think any writer has ever I don’t want to use the word suffer, because he’s making a zillion bucks. But he has been hammered from so many different angles that anyone would have a hard time writing for a while. Things are gonna be fine. He’s a smart guy, he’s got a great wife, he’s working hard. Ron Howard, who directed The Da Vinci Code movie, concurred. 的 talked to him about a week ago, and he wasn’t offering me pages to read, but he was well on his way. I think he wanted time between The Da Vinci Code and the next one. Brown declined to comment.

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