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General Mulls His 2008 Choices

Former Iraq commander attacked W., now Rudy.


Retired army big John Batiste has opened another front in his war against the way the war in Iraq was conducted. A two-star general and “lifelong Republican,” Batiste oversaw 22,000 troops in Iraq as commander of the Army’s First Infantry Division before leaving in 2005. CBS News hired him as a commentator, but later let him go when he starred in an anti-Bush TV ad. He’s not sure the GOP can be trusted to solve the mess. “They appear to be fully in line with the president, and they don’t understand the issues,” Batiste says. Fred Thompson? “Inexperienced.” John McCain? “Categorically not impressed.” As for Rudy Giuliani, who’s been stumping about the need to “stay on offense” in Iraq, “he has no experience whatsoever. He doesn’t understand the complexities of the situation. He’s an opportunist.” (Giuliani’s campaign declined to comment.) What about Hillary Clinton? “I still reserve judgment.”

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