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Her Donor Role

A selected tally of money given by the Astor Foundation (1959–1997) and Brooke Astor herself.


$30 million to the New York Public Library
$25 million to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
➼ Fire escapes at a homeless shelter on Riverside Drive
$500,000 to the Animal Medical Center
$1 million to Columbia University to help 40 needy undergrads a year (1981)
$6 million for a “Wild Asia” exhibit at the Bronx Zoo
$500,000 to restore porches on Astor Row in Harlem
$1 million to the Merchant’s House Museum on East 4th Street
$250,000 to Literacy Partners to start a foundation in Liz Smith’s name
$50,000 to Channel 13 (1972)
$60,000 for an athletic field on York Avenue at 90th Street
$60,000 for two “early-learner” programs for gifted children
$1 million to the American Museum of Natural History (1983)
$18 million to the Rockefeller Institute (1983)
$1 million to the Pierpont Morgan Library (1981)
$1 million to the Brooklyn Museum (1983)
$50,000 to the Queens County Farm Museum (1982)
$30,000 to the Staten Island Children’s Museum (1976)
$1,150,000 to the Carnegie Hall Corporation (1981–1982)
$1 million to the Metropolitan Opera Association (1981)
Funds for the preservation of the Statue of Liberty (1986)
Money to the ASPCA to give animals to the elderly (1985)

Compiled by Rachel Wolff

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