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Torre Says His Dodgers Like A-Rod

L.A. may be willing to pay and pay to get him to play.


Will the insulted Joe Torre haunt the Yankees by hiring Alex Rodriguez? He’d certainly like to. At the New York Comedy Festival’s “Stand Up for Heroes” benefit November 7, the new Dodgers manager noted that, when it comes to A-Rod, “you’ve got to understand there aren’t a lot of clubs that are going to be able to afford what he certainly—I don’t want to say ‘demands’—but, um, commands.” Among those teams that could pay up: his new one. “I think the Dodgers are certainly interested in him, absolutely,” he confirms. Coaches Don Mattingly and Larry Bowa have already followed Torre to L.A., but Torre says he’s going to hold off on further poaching from his former employer for now. “No. I can’t do that,” he says. “I can’t rob everyone.”

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