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Super-fashionable Kabbalah Heroes

Zac Posen’d crusaders.


Denise Wohl thinks her headband-wearing socialite daughter, Arden Wohl, is a superwise superhero of sorts. Arden and actress Leelee Sobieski were among the inspirations for the characters in Denise’s new comic-book series, Seven, which is designed to teach youngsters about Kabbalah. Why is that necessary? “The kids are overwhelmed with academics or sports, and they don’t want to read about anything that might be helpful to them,” she said at the party on November 15 for the premiere installment. “There’s nothing for the most important age group of all: 7-to-17-year-olds,” Wohl said of the hole she noticed in the Kabbalah-book market. A onetime letterer at Marvel Comics, Wohl enlisted former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter to create a series about seven characters, one from each continent, who are mysteriously brought together in Manhattan because they share a higher consciousness—“They use more brainpower than the rest of us,” Wohl explains—and have mastered quantum physics, astrophysics, and fashion (they’re described as wearing clothes by Jill Stuart, Zac Posen, and Calvin Klein). “Denise gave me more than a hundred pounds of books to read,” says Shooter. Is he a convert? “I don’t have a red string on.”

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