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Bloomie and Arnie, Centrist Twins

Only the Constitution can keep them apart.


Mayor Bloomberg’s political guru, Kevin Sheekey, continues his quest to get his boss in a position to run for president. According to a well-placed source, Sheekey’s latest project is to figure out if they could get California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a potential running mate. This summer, Bloomie and Arnie shared a few centrist photo ops. The East Coast–West Coast alliance would have its advantages in the Electoral College, certainly. But other parts of the Constitution are more problematic, like where it mentions that only a “natural-born Citizen … shall be eligible for the Office of President.” It doesn’t mention the veep, though. The source says Bloomberg has lawyers studying things like “succession plans” to see how it would work: If something happens, say, to President Bloomberg, does that mean Vice-President Schwarzenegger is overlooked and the Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) gets to take over? A spokesman for Bloomberg declined to comment.

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