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Stuffin’ Muffie With Kit Kats & Kors

Socialite’s quest for candy and cashmere.


There are certain privileges to living in New York, the socialite Muffie Potter Aston said at the opening party for Michael Kors’s new Soho mini-store on December 10, and a key privilege is 24-hour access to junk food. She developed a newfound appreciation for this on a trip to Virginia. “You know when you have one of those PMS moments where you will kill for chocolate?” she asked. She’d had one while driving on I-95 outside Richmond. “But 95 turns into, like, a little sleepy road. And you can’t even find a freaking Arby’s that’s open at night. We found a gas station that had a vending machine. And—can I tell you this?—I got one of everything. A Kit Kat, a peanut-butter cup. I was like, ‘Give it to me!’ ” Not being able to find any chocolate, she said, just made her want it more. “In New York, you go around the corner at three o’clock in the morning, and somebody’s open to sell you whatever it is you want. But there, when I finally got to it, I felt like I had to stockpile.” She also stockpiled Kors. “I actually did serious damage in the uptown store before I came downtown,” she said. “I think I bought five dresses and one cashmere coat in under six minutes.”

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