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Mo Rocca Was a Jr. High Bonnie Fuller

Cool kids: Just like us!


Comic and cultural commentator Mo Rocca had an early start: He created his own celebrity magazine in junior high school. “It was long before Us Weekly, long before OK!,” he said at a recent screening of Juno. “It was a lot of work, we sold sixteen copies for a dollar a pop, and it was called Insight.” What did it cover in that blissfully pre-Britney era? “The cover story was about the most popular guy at Pyle Junior High,” Rocca said. “The headline said PYLE’S BIGGEST HEARTBREAKER, and the article inside was about the three girls he had gone with that year. Also, there was this really slutty girl, and we created a comic strip where she fought crime by being really slutty.” It led to some trouble—“I had to return all the money, and retrieve all the copies I sold,” Rocca said—but the comic has no regrets: “It was the most shameful thing, for which I am most proud.”

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