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Hangin’ Judge Lebowitz

Has no mercy for Spitzer.


Law & Order’s Judge Janice Goldberg—better known as Fran Lebowitz—would throw the book at Eliot Spitzer if given the chance. “I think he should go to jail,” she said at a BAM event on March 13. “I’m really angry. Because at first I didn’t like him—I don’t like rich people in politics—but then when he started arresting everyone on Wall Street, I loved him. Now I see I was right to begin with.” Does she mourn his lost chance of being the first Jewish president? Nope. “In every generation there is a rich Jewish boy in New York that people say is going to be the first Jewish president,” she says. “But this is never going to happen. Because people don’t like Jews. You must have noticed that by now. And I will also tell you, as a Jew, I don’t want there to be a Jewish president. We have enough problems. Imagine if they could blame this on us, too.” Her advice for the new gov? “I would like for him not to commit a crime, okay?”

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