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Craig Lists His Missed Connections

Wanted to meet Obama, dress down McCain.


Craig Newmark, of the eponymous list, might be a Time 100 alumnus, but he’s still starstruck. At this year’s dinner on May 8, he’d wanted to meet Barack Obama, but the candidate didn’t show. John McCain made it, though, and Newmark wanted to give the Republican a piece of his mind. “I’ve met him before,” he said. “I’d like to see him return to the straight-talker he used to be. He used to be for fairness in taxes. He used to be against torture.” Plus his supporters are twits: “Sometimes we have McCain supporters posting smear-related ads, trying to Swift-boat people.” Mostly they’re against Obama. “There have been Hillary haters all along. There’s a lot of them. What I find interesting is that many of the Hillary haters fetishize her” on the discussion boards. “They have tawdry fantasies. They view her as very dominant. I won’t go any further. Less is more.”

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