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Financial Gurus Discuss Stox and the City

Will a recession hurt Carrie Bradshaw? Maybe.


Could Carrie Bradshaw survive a recession? CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo thinks that with the right investment strategy, the Sex and the City heroine would be fine. “The slowdown is real,” the Money Honey said at the Gracie Awards, honoring women in broadcasting, on May 28. “But you’ve got a mix of things going on. Anyone who’s invested in energy or oil over the last ten years is making a mint. Same with commodities.” Besides, Bartiromo says, Carrie can live her lifestyle more cheaply. “She’s not changing her Manolo Blahnik purchases, recession or not,” she said. “I’m pretty prudent. I look for sales. But I also like to go out to dinner, and every once in a while I have that knee-jerk reaction and I buy that pair of shoes.” Suze Orman was less optimistic. “If women are watching that show, and that’s what they want to be, my heart goes out to them,” she said. “The economy of the world is in a very, very dangerous position right now. You’d better wake up and smell the financial coffee.” Which means? “Buy what you need, not what you want,” she said. “Payless is fine.”

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