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Tony Timid on Gratis Gift Bags?

Presenter pouts.


Richard Griffiths, who won a Tony two years ago for The History Boys, presented one this year, and he was disappointed. “When I was here in 2006, everybody was complaining that the presenters were being given goody bags worth $35,000,” he said backstage. “I’m very happy to tell the IRS that won’t happen today.” Bad PR over those high-priced gift bags prompted the Tony organizers to downgrade the packages, Griffiths said. “It became a scandalous thing. I would like to be scandalous and pick up the $35,000 whatever-it-was. But that’s all right, I’m used to it. Next year it’ll be a postcard, a recyclable shopping bag, and a very interesting message on a photo card, and maybe a flower. That would be about it.” Said a rep: “The caliber of our gift bags is the same as two years ago.”

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