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Red Hooked on Swedish Commute

Hitching a ride on Ikea.


Thanks to Ikea, Red Hook is no longer so isolated. The new Ikea-sponsored free water taxi, plus gratis shuttles from two subway stops, have revolutionized locals’ commutes. “The working people have been making good use of the water taxi and the buses,” says Dorothy Shields, a Red Hook public-housing tenant leader. “It’s made it so much easier to get to work.” Some Ikea staffers aren’t thrilled by the non-shoppers. “Ikea doesn’t know what they’re in for,” says a shuttle-bus coordinator. “It’s not fair these guys are using the bus like it’s their private chauffeur. When a heat wave or snow comes, fists are gonna fly.” But, officially, Ikea is happy to help. “We don’t care whether they are or are not coming to the store,” says a spokesman. “If they want to ride to Ikea Brooklyn and go to the Red Hook neighborhood, they’re welcome to do so.”

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