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New Chase ATMs Worry Neurotic NYers

The envelopes, please.


Chase Bank introduced “deposit-friendly” ATMs this summer that allow customers to deposit cash or checks without pesky envelopes or deposit slips. The machines are, naturally, freaking out some New Yorkers. “I would never use it, but I guess I’m hypercautious,” says Chase customer Sarah Johnson. “Without a deposit slip, how does it get identified as going to your account? I think of all the things that could go wrong mechanically.” Bartender Eli Hyland was depositing a night’s haul—about $500—when a new ATM jammed. It took days of angry phone calls for his account to get credited. Chase spokesman Tom Kelly admits the new machines make some people nervous. “It is a matter of people trying, getting comfortable, and saying, ‘Hmmm, that’s cool,’” he says.

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