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Bridge to Somewhere

New York conventioneers merge right.


The 200-odd New York delegates, alternates, and hangers-on at the GOP convention got a prime spot in the Xcel Center, right in front of Alaska. Jada Yuan spoke to them after Sarah Palin’s speech.

Staten Island Delegate
What did you think of the speech?
I didn’t expect much, but she pulled it off. She gives a good speech. She has tackled tough issues, especially the corruption in Alaska, which was like New Jersey, for goodness’ sake. The lady has chutzpa.
Who would win in a fight, Rudy Giuliani or Sarah Palin?
I think she’d fight dirty, so Rudy would be in trouble.
But she’s supposed to be ethical!
The lady goes out and hunts moose in the morning and skins it in the forest. Even Rudy hasn’t done that.

Upper West Side Party Activist
What do you think of Sarah Palin?
There’s just one word: wonderful. Dynamic, straight talker.
Where would you take the Palins in New York?
To see a play. Something that’s light, like Beauty and the Beast.
Why are you wearing a pin of the U.S. and Israeli flags?
Because we are one and the same. Whether Christians know it or not, we have our Bible all due to the Jews.
Did you like Lieberman’s speech?
I didn’t get to hear the whole thing because I had to take a phone call.

Nassau County Alternate Delegate
Been to any fun parties?
I’m not a party person. We just come back to the hotel and commiserate over what happened at the convention.
Where would you take the Palins to eat if they came to New York?
The Original Umberto’s of New Hyde Park is the best restaurant anywhere. Order the shrimp marinara.
You think the Republicans can win New York?
We have a shot. She’s energized the base. Ever hear of the silent majority? Everyone I know in the city is Republican.

Westchester County Alternate Delegate
How many conventions have you been to?
This is my fourteenth. I was an I Like Ike teen leader in 1952.
What was the worst one?
It was hard as a Rockefeller delegate in ’64. Of course, now I’m more conservative. I say I’m conservative fiscally. My wife says I’m cheap.
What’s the New York equivalent of hunting a grizzly?
Walking in Times Square after midnight. Although it’s better after Giuliani. And Bloomberg’s doing a great job, though I wish he were more of a Republican.

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