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Recession Index

A numeric summary of our troubled times.


People Receiving Cash Assistance From the City’s Human Resources Administration
SEPTEMBER 2008: 334,329
OCTOBER 2008: 339,936

New Yorkers Who Think They’re at Risk of Being Laid Off, According to a Crain’s Survey
2003: 20%
2008: 39%

New Yorkers Who Think the City’s Economy Is in Excellent or Good Shape, According to the Survey
2003: 23%
2008: 8%

Duration of a U.S. Recession, in Months, According to the National Bureau of Economic Research
2001: 8
2008, SO FAR: 11

Harvard’s Endowment, in Billions
JUNE 30: $36.9
OCTOBER 31: $28.8

City Homeowners at Least 60 days Behind on Mortgage Payments
Q3 2008: 3.5%
Q4 2009, PROJECTED: 6.2%

Total Ad Spending in U.S. Newspapers, in Billions
Q3 2007: $10.9
Q3 2008: $8.9

Price of a Marc Jacobs tote at Barneys, as Reported in the Times
DECEMBER 1: $1,250
DECEMBER 3: $629

Compiled by Lionel Beehner and Mark Byrne

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